BCM Campus Minister

Jonathan Chapman

(423) 794-7455

Jonathan began serving as the BCM director starting in November of 2014.  His hometown is Columbia, SC where he earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina.  Jonathan worked for five years in technology and business before surrendering to full time ministry.  He earned a master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas where he studied theology and counseling.  Currently, he is working on a Doctorate of Ministry in Faith & Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Jonathan spent 12 years serving as a student pastor for churches in Texas and South Carolina.  Jonathan was very involved with BCM in college, served on several BCM boards, and has ministered to students for over two decades.  He is married to the lovely Johanna and they have two beautiful girls, Abigail and Rachel.  Come by the BCM anytime and introduce yourself!

Assistant Director 

Hannah Roberts

(704) 880-8074

Hannah joined the BCM in June of 2016.  While she is happy to call East Tennessee “home” now, she grew up on a farm in North Carolina.  Hannah earned her Bachelor’s degree from Gardner-Webb University, studying Religion and Missions.  She served in various ministry and missions positions before pursuing her Master’s in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois.  Upon returning to NC, Hannah agreed to an unexpected invitation from a friend to see a play based on a book by C.S. Lewis.  Though he still claims it wasn’t a date, the play was the beginning of a sweet romance.  Jeremy proposed in April of 2015 and they were married in October.  They have two hilarious huskies named Bowser and Peach.  Hannah enjoys reading, LOTR, cooking new things, traveling, baking with her hubby, visiting family, talking with people, Saturday morning breakfasts and Sunday afternoon naps.

Ministry Associates

Raile Childress

(423) 608-3079

My name is Raile Childress. I am 23 years old. The lady in this picture is my lovely wife Kelsey. I was involved in the BCM for four years. Two years at Walters State in Morristown and two years at ETSU. I grew so much during my time at these organizations, and I'm so thankful for the opporunity to give back. My prayer is that I will be an encouragement and an example to all the students that God brings to us.

2019-2020 Leadership Team


Zander Bennett 
President, Fellowship
(423) 302-9148

Zander, 21, is a Junior at ETSU majoring in English and Theater and minoring in Education. When he is not at school or his job at a local daycare, he spends time playing instruments, hanging with friends, or attending competitive Pokemon tournaments.

Megan O'leary
Secretary & Outreach 
(423) 202-8299

Megan is 22 years old and a Senior at ETSU. Her major is psychology. She enjoys listening to and playing music. In her free time she loves hanging out with friends and family and making people laugh. 

Dakota Finger

Dakota Finger 22, I am a Senior at ETSU. I enjoyed sports especially football. I have been Fortunate enough to play two years for the buc’s. Majoring in construction engineering.

Hannah Scarbrough
(423) 506-9929

Hannah is a 19 year old Sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Communicative Disorders. In her free time, she enjoys talking to people, playing or listening to music, and spending time outdoors. 


Mckenzie Howell
Social Media 

McKenzie is a 21 year old junior at ETSU. She is majoring in Elementary Education with a goal of teaching kindergarten. She loves singing and listening to music, hanging out with her friends and family, and devoting her time to her church and youth groups.

Micah Stephens
Building Hosts & Evangelism
(423) 470-6107

Micah is 21 years old and is currently studying Education at Northeast State. He enjoys photography, music, and anything involving the outdoors. The coolest thing about Micah is that Jesus loves him.

Matt Collins

Matt is a 21 year old senior who is majoring in biochemistry and plans on attending medical school. Matt enjoys sports, time with friends, and being with family. Matt is also a manager on the football team at ETSU and loves any time he gets to talk about football, movies, or theology. 

Nathan Mauger

Nathan is 19 years old and a sophomore at ETSU. He is majoring in Business Management and Finance.  He loves playing basketball, singing, and just being around his friends. 

Laney Falin

Laney is a freshman majoring in Human Services with a minor in sign language. When not at the BCM, she works as a reschool dance instructor and enjoys reading and playing music.

Sullivan Perry
Digital Media 

Sullivan Perry is 20 years old and a sophomore in the Digital Media Department at ETSU. During his freshman year, he found his place at the BCM and has a passion for supporting the ministry through photography, video, and design. 

AJ Newman
"B" Keeper & Promotion

AJ is a Junior majoring in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and going hikes or any outdoor adventures. 

Emma Hill

Emma is 20 years old and a Junior at ETSU. Her major is Human Services and her minor is Special Education. She enjoys working out and In her free time, she loves to spend time with friends, watching shows or going to coffee shops.

Katie Barlowe
Vice-President, Administration

Katie is 20 and is a Junior at ETSU. Majoring in nursing, she plans to pursue medical missions after completing school. When she is not at school or practice, Katie enjoys music, the outdoors, hanging with friends, and traveling. Her goal every day is to make people smile, and live a life filled with Christ.

Cortlyn Holdren
Connect Groups (Girls)

Cortlyn is a 20 year old Junior at ETSU. She is majoring in health sciences with goals of getting into medical school and pursuing medical missions. She loves spending time with friends and family, playing games, dancing, and exploring. 

Chase Bartlett 
Multimedia - Web Admin 
(423) 963-3177

Chase is 20 years old and he is a Senior at ETSU.  He is majoring in Computing with a concentration in Information Systems with a minor in Business Management. He loves playing sports, card games, and working out at the CPA. 

Austin Monds

Austin is a 19 year old sophomore at ETSU majoring in nursing. After ETSU, he plans on going to seminary. When he is not at school, he enjoys playing guitar, reading books, hiking, watching movies, playing sports, and hanging out with his friends. 

Daniel Tyree
Outlet Coordinator

Daniel is 21 years old and is a junior. He enjoy getting into theological conversations and wants to help in any way he can. Hiking is one of his favorite things to do outdoors. Nothing beats seeing God's beauty any time he can.

Calah Woods
Outlet Coordinators & Intramurals
(865) 806-3732

Calah is 19 years old, and a junior majoring in special education. She loves sports, talking to people, Taco Bell, sloths, and the everything outdoors. In her free time, she loves to either go play a pick up game of any sport, just sit around and listen to music, or hang out at the B. She loves to see people smile and laugh and forget about all the stress they have.

Lucas Allen
(865) 382-0465

About to turn 20 in July, and I’m a junior at ETSU. I am majoring in Business. I love playing basketball, music, and just hanging out with my friends. My favorite instrument is guitar though and my favorite place to hang out is the BCM. 

Tori Housley
Missions & fundraiser Coordinator

Tori Housley is 21 years old and a junior at ETSU.

Majoring in Human Services with a minor in American Sign Language.

loves volunteering, the outdoors, video games, marching band, and watching movies. 

Braydon Couch
Building Hosts & Connect Groups (Guys

Braydon is a sophomore in College currently undecided about his major. He serves in a number of ways including leading worship at his local church and at the BCM. He enjoys teaching and discipling others, and he has a heart for people and loves God's church, and he desires to grow closer with Christ and to be made more like him every day.

Lindsey Sherwood
Prayer & Care

Lindsey Sherwood 20, I grew up in Florida and in my free time I like to hear people’s stories, drink coffee, play ping pong, and go to the CPA.

Madelyn McNabb
International Outreach

Madelyn McNabb is a Junior at ETSU. She is majoring in Early Childhood development and a minor in Communicative disorder. After undergraduate she plans on to pursue a Masters in Speech Pathology. When she is not at the BCM, she loves all things coffee & tea, spending time with family and friends, and being outside.

Jackson Brooks
"B" Keeper & Promotion

Jackson is 23 and is a senior at ETSU. He is majoring in Computer Science and hopes to use his degree to develop software. When he is not at school, Jackson enjoys hanging out at the BCM and helping people in any way he can.

Nathan Turner
(865) 407-5218

Nathan is a 19 year old Freshman at ETSU. He is a pre-med student majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Educational Foundations. He plans to pursue a career in pediatric medicine and hopes to use his skills as a physician on medical missions. His interests include talking theology, fellowshipping with fellow believers, and consuming large quantities of Mexican food. 

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Tennessee Baptist Churches giving through the Cooperative Program, the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions, and through the Holston, Sullivan, and Watauga Baptist Association make this BCM ministry possible.



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