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BCM Campus Minister


Jonathan Chapman


(423) 794-7455

Jonathan has been serving as the BCM director since November 2014. He is originally from Columbia, SC and graduated from the University of South Carolina with his bachelor's degree in Sports management and business. After working for five years in technology and business, Jonathan surrendered to full-time ministry and pursued a master's degree in theology and counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. In December of 2022, he graduated with his Doctorate of Ministry in Faith & Culture from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Jonathan has over 25 years of experience ministering to students and spent 12 years as a student pastor for churches in Texas and South Carolina. He has been actively involved with BCM since his college days, serving on several BCM boards. Jonathan is married to Johanna and they have two lovely daughters, Abigail and Rachel. If you're ever in the area, feel free to drop by the BCM and say hello!

Counseling and Public Relations Coordinator


Hannah Roberts

Counseling and Public Relations Coordinator

Hannah joined the BCM in the summer of 2016. While she is happy to call East Tennessee “home” now, she grew up on a farm in North Carolina. Hannah earned her Bachelor’s degree from Gardner-Webb University, studying Religion and Missions. She served in various ministry and missions positions before pursuing her Master’s in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois. Upon returning to NC, Hannah reconnected with a friend and soon Jeremy proposed! They were married in October 2015. They have two hilarious Siberian huskies named Bowser and Peach. In December of 2020 Kade was born and little sister Lydia joined the family in October of 2022. Hannah enjoys being a mom, hosting dinners, LOTR, cooking new things, visiting family, talking with people, taking walks, Saturday morning breakfasts and Sunday afternoon naps.

Campus Associate

Kennedi Kruger.jpeg

Kennedi Kruger

Ministry Associate

Kennedi is brand new to ETSU BCM. She graduated from TN Tech in May 2020. During her time at TN Tech she served on leadership at the BCM and began fleshing out a cal into ministry. Though her involvement at BCM and First Baptist Church Cookeville the Lord really cultivated a heart for people and helping get the Gospel to the nations in Kennedi. After graduation she stepped onto staff at UTK BCM, where she served as Campus Missionary for 2 years. During her last year there, she held her future with two open hands waiting for the Lord to direct her next steps. He faithfully brought her to ETSU BCM. Kennedi is so excited about being here, she has a heart for encouraging women to be who God created them to be in His image, and seeing students grow in their love for Jesus and making Him known. She is also attending The Southern Baptist Theology Seminary where she is pursuing her MA in Christian education. If you want to get to know her more, ask her to grab coffee or Chick-fil-A, she would love to meet with you!

Campus Missionaries


Katie Barlowe

Campus Missionary

Katie is 24 and graduated from ETSU in December 2021 with her bachelors of science in nursing. She is currently in her last year of seminary through SBTS studying for her Master of Arts in Christian Education, and this is the start of her 2nd year on staff at the ETSU BCM! During her undergraduate time, she was involved with the BCM as a student leader. Katie loves music, the outdoors, spending time connecting with others, and traveling. Her goal every day is to spread the joy of Christ and make people smile!

Josh Adams.jpeg

Josh Adams

Campus Missionary

Joshua is 23 and currently serving as a Campus Missionary! He is also the Student and College Ministry Associate at Central Baptist Church in Johnson City. He is currently in the process of finishing his Bachelors degree in Finance from ETSU and is planning to pursue a seminary degree after graduation. He is super passionate about discipleship and fostering community and is pursuing these things by pouring his time and effort into the students at ETSU (and Central). In his free time he enjoys hiking (lots of hiking), winter cold plunges in the lake, late night cookout runs, and long drives with good music.

2023-2024 Leadership Team


Mackenzie Souder
Mackenzie Souder.jpg

Mackenzie is a 22 year old graduate student pursuing a Master of Accountancy degree at ETSU. She enjoys playing sports, singing, reading, watching movies, spending time with family and friends, and taking naps.

Wes Andes
Vice President

Joshua is a 22-year-old senior at ETSU majoring in Finance. In his free time, he enjoys spending time outdoors whether that looks like hiking, playing sports, hammocking, reading, or simply spending time with his friends.

Mia Crawford

Mia is 20 year old junior studying kinesiology to be an athletic trainer. She loves soccer, reading, hiking, and listening to music (especially Harry Styles)

Hayley Robinson.png
Hayley Robinson
International Ministry

Hayley is a 21-year-old senior at ETSU. She is a majoring in nursing. She hopes to pursue medical missions in the future! In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing tennis, being outdoors, and coffee!

Amber Henard.jpeg
Amber Henard 
Outreach Team Lead

Amber is a 21 year old Senior at ETSU. She is majoring in Social Work. She has a passion for working with kids and working as a camp counselor. In her free time she likes to go hiking, play tennis, hang out with friends, and binge watch tv shows.

Chloe Page
Survey Evangelism

Chloe is an 19-year-old freshman at ETSU. She is majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. After graduation, she plans to attend Chiropractic School. In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, working out, drumming, and hanging out with her friends. 

Austin Runyan
Austin Runyan.jpeg

Austin is 19 year old Sophomore at ETSU. He is majoring in Math and a minor in Secondary Education in hopes to be a High School Math teacher. He enjoys golfing, watching or listening to sports, and hanging out with friends.

Isaac Croft
Coffee Cart

I am a 19 year old sophomore at ETSU. I am majoring in rehabilitative health sciences. I love listening to music, playing my guitars, football, and eating food.

Holly Johnson
Worship Coordinator

Holly is a 21 year old junior at ETSU. She is a nursing major and plans to do medical missions after she graduates. She also loves playing in the worship band here at the BCM and her church and also plays in a bluegrass band! In her free time she loves sports, especially ultimate frisbee, and any outdoor activities like hiking, running, and paddle boarding!

Seth Tipton
B Keeper
Seth Tipton.jpg

Seth is an 18-year-old freshman at ETSU. He is majoring in psychology with a minor in general business which he hopes to use in running a Christian counseling clinic in the future. Seth loves listening to all different genres of music, watching horror movies, and most importantly spending time with friends and loved ones.

Carley Sanders
Media Team Lead

Hey, I’m Carley! I’m a 22-year-old Nursing student. I enjoy hiking, reading, and traveling. 


Joe Clark is a 23 year old Super-Duper-Senior at ETSU. He is a Human Services major minoring in Classical Studies. He plans to use his degree to pursue a career as an Orientation Director at a college. His interests include learning about God and working at summer camps teaching children about Jesus. Joe Clark is the resident old man.

Taylor Cooper.jpeg

Taylor is a 21 year old senior majoring in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. In her free time, she enjoys being involved in a variety of clubs and organizations, reading, travelling, and spending time with friends.

Abigail Chapman
Abigail Chapman.jpg

Abigail is an 18 year old freshman this year. She is a vocal music education major at ETSU. Some of her favorite things include Jesus, performing, and video games. She has been a part of the BCM world for almost 9 years now, and she couldn’t be more grateful for the friends she has made over the years.

Beth King
Women's Ministry 

Beth is a 21 year old senior at ETSU. She is majoring in Biology, and minoring in Film Studies! She loves movies, the board game Clue, and Taylor Swift! 

Emma Barlowe.jpg
Emma Barlowe
Travel Band & Worship Assistant

Emma is a 20 year old junior at ETSU studying human services with a minor in audio production. She loves to spend time with friends, talk about philosophy, make music, create art, thrift, style funky outfits, spend time outside and in water, and go on adventures. She is passionate about building relationships with others and showing the love of Christ to all who are around her.

Matthew Kinsler
Fellowship Team Lead

Matthew is a 20 year old sophomore at ETSU.  He is majoring in Mathematics with a concentration on Education.  He loves basketball, hiking, meeting new friends, and eating food.

Gracyn Mills
Social Media

I am a 19 year old sophomore at ETSU. I am studying studio arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. I like to play card games and Just Dance on the wii with my friends. I also love learning new things and hanging out with new people! 

Matt Bayard
Discipleship Team Lead

Matt is a 22 year old majoring in Finance with a Jazz Studies minor. He loves listening to music, playing drumset and trombone, and spending time outdoors. Matt also hopes to someday work in ministry and disciple others.

Luke Anglin.jpg
Luke Anglin
Gospel Appointments

Luke is a sophomore majoring in Finance. He hopes to one day enter into gospel ministry, potentially as a lead pastor or missionary. He enjoys being with his family and friends, playing music or sports, being outside, enjoying sunsets, reading good books, and learning more about the God who loves him.

Alyssa Stanley
Engage Team Lead

Alyssa is a 21 year old Junior at ETSU. She is a Theatre Major with a Music Minor. Alyssa is a big comics fan, a Swiftie, and a huge thrifter. You can usually find her hanging at the B, the scene shop, or at a coffee shop. 

Shelby Phillips
After-Outlet Coordinator

Shelby is a 21 year old senior at ETSU. She is majoring in Media and Communications with a minor in Film Studies. She loves iced coffee, reading, and the outdoors! 

Joanna Hester 

Joanna is 19 and a sophomore at Northeast State Community college pursuing a Surgical Tech degree. She enjoys music, spending time outdoors, and being with friends and family! She loves to host, cook, and bake as well!

Paul Adedokun

Paul Adedokun is a 23 year old super senior at ETSU. He is majoring in Biology and minoring in Health Sciences which he hopes to be able to use in PA School. His favorite hobby is beatboxing, and hopes to use it, as well as himself to further glorify the kingdom of Christ.

Dylan Cowell

Dylan is a 20 year old junior at East Tennessee State University. He plans on graduating from ETSU with his major in Computer Science. He enjoys outdoor activities including soccer, disc golf, and board games. 

Tyler Baker
Tyler Baker.JPG

Tyler is a 21 year old Junior at ETSU. He is a Criminal Justice major who plans to join the KPD as a police officer then eventually join the FBI. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and watching horror movies.

Devyn Barger
Digital Media
Sunset Kayak

Devyn Barger is a 22 year old Super-Senior at ETSU. He is a Graphic Design major. He plans to use his degree to pursue a career in Graphic Design based on where God calls him. His interests include learning about God, playing drums & guitar, photography, videography, and *GRAPHIC DESIGN*. Devyn Barger is the resident male ginger.

Caitlyn Shelton

Caitlyn is a 20 year old sophomore at ETSU. She is majoring in marketing management. She enjoys long runs, marvel movies, and spending time with friends and family.

Morgan Stanley.jpg
Morgan Stanley
Outlet Coortinator

Morgan is a 19 year old sophomore at ETSU. She plans on graduating from ETSU with a degree in general management. She leads worship at Antioch Baptist Church along with helping out the Antioch youth ministry! In her free time she loves to go hiking, watch movies, and thrift! 

Pate Anglin
Survey Evangelism
Pate Anglin.jpeg

Pate is a Junior at ETSU and is majoring in Finance, so that he can figure out what to do with money. He is also minoring in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and hopes to enter the ministry following his time at ETSU. He enjoys sports, guitar, and all things outdoors.

Cooper Johnson
Prayer Coordinator
Cooper Johnson.jpeg

Cooper is a sophomore majoring in finance and minoring in philosophy. He desires to pursue vocational ministry in the future - potentially as a lead pastor or missionary. He loves hanging out with friends & family, playing sports, reading books with a cup of coffee, having theological conversation, and enjoying God's beautiful creation. 

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