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Beach Reach

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What is BeachReach?

Every year, thousands of college students descend on Panama City Beach during Spring Break looking to have a good time, but many of them are secretly hurting and searching for meaning in life. BeachReach is a unique missions experience designed to meet these students in some surprising ways and point them towards Jesus through acts of servant evangelism and verbally sharing the Gospel.

At BeachReach, college students spend their spring break serving other students through free van rides for those who shouldn't drive and free pancakes for breakfast each morning. During these interactions, they have the opportunity to verbally share the hope and love that Christ has for them. Throughout the week, attendees also enjoy insightful teaching and worship from some of the best leaders in college ministry.

Fall Retreat

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What is Fall Retreat?


The Pond

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What is The Pond?



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What is SLC?


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